Vision, Mission, Core Values


As a welcoming, inclusive, and equity-minded campus, IUPUI will attract, retain, and recognize talented educators who can thrive, innovate, and feel valued as they pursue their professional goals. The Forum Network will be a national model for innovative, inclusive and empowering professional development for the advancement of all educators and the promotion of excellence in student learning and success. 


Core Values

To be effective, the Forum Network will: 

  1. Advance meaningful and reciprocal collaborative engagement among units comprising the Forum Network, as well as with faculty, other university colleagues, and community partners
  2. Deliver high-quality programming for educators grounded in research, evidence-informed decision making, assessment and a transparent commitment to continuous improvement
  3. Foster authentic inclusion and equity-mindedness across all programming and initiatives
  4. Value and support innovation as a means of fostering growth and development for all participants
  5. Offer individualized approaches, mentoring, and consultations to meet the evolving needs of academics from varied backgrounds, career stages, and types of appointments
  6. Champion and collaborate among units on the alignment of reward systems with dimensions of work that represent the rich diversity of faculty roles and responsibilities
  7. Facilitate an educational culture of supporting student learning, holistic student development, and degree completion
  8. Enhance communication, connectivity, and collaboration across academic leaders from across units at IUPUI, IUPUC and IU Fort Wayne
  9. Demonstrate a commitment to excellence and maintenance of high ethical and academic standards across all endeavors 


Mission of the Forum Network

The mission of the Forum Network is to provide integrated and holistic support to all educators at IUPUI, IUPUC and IU Fort Wayne as they develop and advance toward their professional goals. The Network intentionally forges and sustains connections among various centers, divisions and offices providing professional development and support, and helps to accelerate progress toward all campus strategic plan goals.